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Here’s one of the most challenging deals I’ve had in a long time. My clients asked me to help them sell their home at 4735 NW 115 Way, Sunrise, FL. “No problem,” I said, not knowing what curve ball they were about to throw me. You see they needed to sell their home and move into a home at the same time. I again assured them, “no problem.” Then they explained that their family (three children, two dogs, and a cat!) has no place to stay, even temporarily, if they don’t close on the same day. That was a ton of responsibility. They’re a great family, and repeat customers, so I felt compelled to help. We put their house on the market and had multiple offers with 24 hours. They were a little shocked at the speed, despite my warnings that this could happen. Not only did we accept an offer, the one we accepted was over the list price!
Within three days of their home going under contract, we were able to secure a great home for them to move into (770 Cumberland Ter, Davie, FL). After 39 days of hard work, we were able to find them a home, negotiate an offer, and get them to closing.  It was quite a whirlwind!

Selling my client’s home at 4735 NW 115 Way, Sunrise, FL, was wildly fast and even exceeded the list price. For many inexperienced agents, this is an anomaly. That’s because most agents do not have a proven marketing plan that can be replicated regardless of the home’s value, condition, or location. My previous sales are proof positive that my marketing plan is successful and gets homes sold fast.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in Sunrise, I’m your guy!  Check out my featured page where you can learn everything you need to know about buying, selling, and living in Sunrise. You can also click here to get my buyers guide and sellers guide.


4735 NW 115 Way, Sunrise, FL


4735 NW 115 Way, Sunrise, FL

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4735 NW 115 Way, Sunrise, FL