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Top 5 Tips for Attending an Open House

Apr2015-TRLA-The-Essential-Open-House-Checklist-1000x6671 Open Houses can be a great way to preview a property and the neighborhood.  Here are a 5 Tips  that will help your Open House experience a success.

  1.  Bring a notepad and a pen.  Chances are the Seller or their Agent will provide you a house flyer, but just in case you’ll want to take notes.  To keep things organized, try to keep the notes on the back of the flyer.
  2. Take lots of Pictures.  This is particularly helpful if you’re looking at more than three houses at a time.  After a while, the home’s features start to blend together.  Having lots of pictures will help you keep things in order.  Also, make sure you take pictures of the neighborhood, problem areas of the house (water stains, cracked foundation, etc.), and upgrades or lack thereof.  One good tip is to start your picture of each house with the exterior photo to include the house number.  This will help you keep your photos in order.
  3. Sign in with the Seller/Agent if you’re not with your agent or don’t have one yet.  If you’re not comfortable giving your personal information, just provide your first name and email address.  This way, you can be notified of price reductions, or in the case of an Agent Open House, you can be kept up to date on new listings in the neighborhood.  You can always ask to be taken off of the email list at a later date.
  4. Be nice to the Seller and/or their Agent.  You may end up wanting to buy this house, and if you spent your time discussing the negative aspects (ugly decor, weird furniture, funky smells, etc.), you may find yourself at the bottom of a list of offers.
  5. Ask questions.  What’s the average electric bill?  Have you had any issue with obtaining Home Owner’s Insurance?  What’s the neighborhood like?  Where’s the closest schools, shops, parks, etc?  Ask the questions that are important to you in your home search.

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